Many thanks to our dedicated and hard-working  volunteers!

Brad Anfinson

Sonia Berg

Lisa Booth

Mary Brown

Karen Buskey

Brian Carlson

Toni Dahl-Wiski

Joan Detzler

Wyman Detzler

Dustyn Dubuque

Sagrid Edman 

Cadence Eischens

Colt Eischens

Jess Eischens

Serena Eischens

Julie Erickson

Tia Lisa Erickson

Libby Ernest

Luann Flater

Tom Helke

Kathy Hockaday

Arlyce Jacobson

Chris Kelcher

Elleni Kelcher

Tydus Kelcher

Becky Ketelsen

Grace Kunshier

Dan Lee

Josh Lee

Brandon Liang

Jacob Liang

Jaina Laing

Misha Liang

Roy Liang

Pat Meier

Craig Moody

Jim Moratzka

Lynne Moratzka

Lisa Neely

Connie Nelson

Adelaide Neshek

Olivia Nienaber

Paige Nienaber

Sophia Nienaber

Emma  Novak

Frankie Novak

Megan Novak

Sheila Novak

Mariana Noyola

Cheri Nyenhuis

Denise Ostrom

Suzi Parron

Carolyn Peper

Philip Peper

Mary Jo Peterson

MaryAnn Peterson

Kailita Puranen

Ann Rinkenberger

Amber Walters

Ashlyn Walters

Blake Walters

Josh Walters

Sponsors and Volunteers

Washington County

Barn Quilt Trail

Many thanks to our generous sponsors! 

The Washington County Barn Quilt Trail is very grateful for the support of many civic-minded organizations, local business leaders, and quilting enthusiasts.

Without their commitment to community and support of the youth, rural preservation, the arts, and environmental appreciation, we would not be able to bring this exciting project to local residents and visitors from

near and far. 

Please join us in thanking these generous and

enthusiastic sponsors who saw the vision of a

12-year old girl who wanted to make a difference

for the local community:

Disney's Friends for Change

Scandia-Marine Lions Club

Marine on St. Croix City Council

Evening Star Quilters

Minnesota Alliance with Youth

John Pazlar                                                                        Some of the members of the Soaring Eagles and Sonia Borg

Bald Eagle Womens Group                                               Borg (Friends of Scandia Parks and Trails) at the first

Libby Ernest                                                                        planning and information meeting on April 19, 2015.