Washington County

Barn Quilt Trail

The "Around the Corner" quilt block pattern is on page 43 of The Quiltmaker's Gift.

The story ends:

"Thank you," replied the king. "I'll take it, but only if you'll accept a gift from me. There is one last treasure I have left to give away. All these years I've saved it just for you."

And from his rickety, rundown wagon the king brought out his throne.

"It's really quite comfortable," the king said. "And just the thing for long days of sewing."

From that day on the king often came to the quiltmaker's house in the clouds.

By day the quiltmaker sewed the beautiful quilts she would not sell, and at night the king took them down to the town. There he searched out the poor and downhearted, never happier than when he was giving something away.

Around the Corner