Washington County

Barn Quilt Trail

The Washington County Barn Quilt Trail is a 16.4 mile (or 26.39 kilometers) route that winds through the beautiful communities of Scandia, Marine on St. Croix, and the Town of May in Minnesota. Along the way, there are 18 barn quilts that are based on quilt patterns in the book The Quiltmaker's Gift.

​The trail goes through farm areas, a state park, a downtown area, historical sites, and forested areas. Wherever a person is on the Barn Quilt Trail, it’s beautiful. 

People can look at the barn quilts and enjoy a ride through the country; or they can take more time – maybe even an entire day - to explore stops along the way – like:

- William O’Brien State Park; 
- downtown Marine and the businesses, historical sites, and

- the St. Croix River; 
- Hay Lake Monument; or 
- museums – like Erickson Log Home which is behind the

   Hay Lake School, Stone House Museum, or Gammelgarden 


Theme: As mentioned above, all the quilt patterns are

featured in the book The Quiltmaker’s Gift.

Volunteers: This project involved more than 100 people.

There were people of all ages who were involved in the                            Pathway at William O'Brien State Park

construction, painting, and installation of the barn quilts.

Many of the youth volunteers were members of the Soaring Eagles 4-H Club (a multi-county, multi-state 4-H club in which all families were homeschooling their children and teens).

There also were adult volunteers who helped with sewing/quilting, coordination of a trip with senior citizens to see the Barn Quilt Trail, brochure design, and promotion.

Supporters: We are very grateful for financial support from Disney’s Friends for Change, Scandia-Marine Lions, Marine on St. Croix City Council, John Pazlar, Evening Star Quilters, Bald Eagle Womens Group, and Libby Ernest. These gifts allowed us to purchase supplies to construct, paint, and install the barn quilts.

Receiving donations allowed us to give the barn quilts to the recipients at no charge. This is just like the quiltmaker in The Quiltmaker’s Gift who never charged for her beautiful quilts. She would only give her quilts to those in need so they could enjoy them.

Two fawns on the side of the road.